Sunday, February 26, 2006

In Search Of Space

The simple and effective formula of space-rock has been invented at the dawn of the seventies by the Hawkwind, a band that emerged from the Ladbroke Grove scene in London. With catchy hard rock riffs, hypnotic 4/4 rhythms, long guitar's and horns' improvisations and a background of spacey electronic noise, they have crossed several decades without losing the affection of their many followers. Some of their science fiction lyrics have been written by the underground poet Robert Calvert, or even by the great British writer Michael Moorcock. Silver Machine has been their greatest success, it made them earn enough money to put on a trippy light show that is still typical of their concerts. This clip is from the Top Of The Pop's archives; you'll notice Lemmy, future founder of Motorhead, on bass and vocals, and the handsome dancer Stacia, that used to perform with them in those years.
In the nineties space-rock even "landed" on MTV, with this Ozric Tentacles' clip, a song taken from their 1993 album Jurassic Shift. The Ozric are the most popular among the bands that gave birth in the eightes to a sort of British neo-hippie scene, gathering in free concerts and festivals in places like Stonehenge. Their music is quite complex, they play long instrumental jams with jazzy and ethnic-new agey influences, maybe more similar to Daevid Allen's Gong than to Hawkwind. They also have a mind blowing light show, as you'll see in the video.
I saw both these bands in concert and I have to say that, in both cases, it's been a trip with no need of chemical substances!
My only criticism about Hawkwind and Ozric Tentacles is that they both made too many records, and they all sound very similar, so they ended up being boring. But it's well worth catching these videos to see these freaks in action.

Hawkwind - Silver Machine (1972)
Ozric Tentacles - Vita Voom (1993)

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Blogger The Baz said...

Hi Mirco!
Certainly agree about the curse of too many albums.

The Hawkwind footage here is fantatstic but what is truly heartbreaking and makes the clip all the more priceless is the fact it was the only film ever made of Hawkwind at what I regard as their peak. All those early albums up till their original split in round 1978 are priceless. Once one gets into the 80s thats when the problems really start and one has plought through tons of derivitive dross in order to find the few hidden gems.
Keep up the great work!

2/27/2006 3:04 PM  
Blogger Jiltz said...

Welcome back Mirco...

Thanks for the Hawkwind clip, this blew me away when I first seen this back in 1972 and it still looks great.


2/27/2006 3:13 PM  
Anonymous DeathLike_Silence said...

Excelente esta clipe do Halkwind, continue sempre postando mais e mais videos!

3/07/2006 1:03 AM  
Blogger Stinkor said...

Nice article and of course Hawkwind are the Masters Of The Universe, well they were during the halycon days of the 71-75 later in the eighties and nineties - although some great tracks were around a lot were just plain silly

7/24/2006 1:21 PM  
Anonymous Johnny Mosrite said...

Just thought I'd agree with Baz....... ;-)

9/21/2006 10:56 PM  
Anonymous Johnny Mosrite said...

Darn! The download seems to be dead..... Any chance of a reup?

9/21/2006 11:00 PM  
Anonymous Ferdo Pederast said...

Looks as though it only died through lack of activity..... :-(

9/21/2006 11:13 PM  

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