Monday, January 30, 2006

The Pink Floyd In 1967

Sooner or later I knew I would have posted something about the early Pink Floyd.
It's very dufficult to talk about Syd Barrett without saying something which hasn't been already said many times, about his talent, his visions, his mental illness, his disappearance from the musical scene. I'd just like to beg all Syd's fans not to try to go in Cambridge to meet him and talk to him. Please respect his choice to live a quiet and retired life. Roger Keith Barrett is now a 60 years old man who doesn't like to remember about his days as a rock musician in London. Let's all remember about Syd for the few marvellous songs he gave to us.
This live version of Astronomy Domine is probably well known by most fans, here it is for the few ones who haven't seen it yet. It is maybe the best early Pink Floyd's footage, along with the London '66-'67 DVD. The video is part of the Look Of The Week program, broadcasted by BBC-2 in May '67. The quality is excellent, it's just a pity that the Floyd had not the possibility to improvise much as they used to do in that period, but it attests anyway the visionary strenght of this music.

Pink Floyd - Astronomy Domine (1967)

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Note: To the people who still reports downloading problems: this link will lead you to a very small and unzip it, then you'll know how to download. It's just a little trick not to have my videos deleted from Rapidshare again.

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Blogger The Baz said...

Hi Mirco!
How refreshing it is to read a piece dealing witn Syd that asks not to bother Roger in Cambridge! I whole heartedly agree - it saddens me he still has to contend with obsessive fans who just won't leave him alone. Its something I've had rows about in the past so its good to see there are others who respect Roger Barrett in this way. What a shame not everybody does.

As for this video... yes, you are right in that it is the best live footage of Syds' Floyd in action since theres not much left from TV archives, but as you point out, it gives a great taster of what their live shows must have been like with the light show and those eerie flickering shadows and musically... wow! Brilliant stuff and a true classic performance everyone should have.
All the best,

1/31/2006 9:58 AM  

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