Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nuggets # 2

A couple more of classics from the original garage-punk era. Music Machine and Seeds are fundamental bands, you need to listen to them to catch the true essence of this straight and energetic style, that wrote a great chapter on the history of modern music using only a few chords. Two bands from California, both headed by a charismatic and expressive singer, porpose their two-minutes anthems. Sean Bonniweel's Music Machine appeared on American Bandstand (I'm not sure if it was on '66 or '67...) miming their hit Talk Talk, with their dark look that can be seen on this fotograph, and that fits perfectly with the almost threatening manner of the song.
Sky "Sunlight" Saxon's band, The Seeds, plays the role of The Warts on an episode of the american TV show The Mothers-In-Law, entitled How Not To Manage A Rock Group, broadcasted on '68. They perform the legendary Pushin' Too Hard, published two years earlier, on a living room, in front of a family that doesn't seem to enjoy their noise.

Music Machine - Talk Talk (1966)
Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard (1968)

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Anonymous emanuele said...

E' un grandissimo piacere e divertimento vederli. Conservo ancora la prima ormai stiratissima sony C 90 che mi introdusse al garage e mai avrei pensato di vederli in show televisivi.


2/03/2006 4:48 PM  
Blogger Mirco said...

Ho un po' di nostalgia dei tempi in cui ci si scambiava le cassette. Non c'era ancora internet e per scoprire questa musica si spremevano i pochi risparmi e si facevano pregrinaggi nei negozi di dischi delle grandi città...

A presto

2/03/2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger lellebelle said...

great to see how these legendary bands really DID exist in the flesh…

2/04/2006 10:06 PM  

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