Thursday, February 23, 2006

Krautrock # 2

Hi everybody! The technical break lasted longer than expected, but at least my PC works much faster now and I haven't lost any of the files in my archive.
I like to come back to this blog with two of my favourite videos, from the musical scene that maybe is most fascinating to me. Here we have a couple of amazing german bands from the german TV program we've all learned to love: The Beat Club.
The Can well represents the meeting of pop music with the contemporary avant-garde. At the end of the sixties two Stockhausen's students, Holger Czukay and Irmin Schmidt, realized that the rock scene offered the only chance to create something really innovative in music. So they joined a young rock guitar player, the Czukay's student Michael Caroli, a talented jazz drummer, Jaki Liebezeit, and the wild american singer Malcolm Mooney, soon replaced excellently by the japanese busker Damo Suzuki. Taking inspiration from the Velvet Underground, acid rock, funky and ethnic music...and much more, they created an unique style, sophisticated and raw at the same time, so innovative to anticipate somehow the most creative side of new wave. The song Paperhouse is the opening track of their double album Tago Mago, considered by many as their masterpiece.
Kraftwerk appeared at the Beat Club with a very particular line up. As Julian Cope tells in his essential book Krautrocksampler (which has finally been translated into italian too!) this perfomance could have been the death of Kraftwerk, but it wasn't, fortunately. In fact this clip documents the birth of a new memorable band: Neu!
In the summer of '71 the two Kraftwerk's former members Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider were joined by another couple of musicians from Dusseldorf, Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger, right before this appearance. They gave a totally new direction to the sound...Hutter became so nervous about it that he left the band to perform as a trio. This is the reason why Truckstop Gondolero is an anticipation of the typical sound of Neu!, the band that Rother and Dinger formed a few time later. The "motorik beat" of this long and mesmerizing track easily reminds of some of the best Neu!'s songs, like Hallogallo, on their first self-titled LP.
Kraftwerk soon reformed as a duet too for their album Ralf & Florian, that continued on the path that lead them to become the most influencial electronic band ever.

Can - Paperhouse (1971)
Kraftwerk - Truckstop Gondolero (1971)

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Anonymous c. law said...

Wow... thanks, Mirco! That Can video is really amazing, totally at the top of their game.

2/24/2006 5:41 PM  
Blogger The Baz said...

Yo Mirco!
Great to see you back at last!

Wow... look forward to seeing Can later! Have the Kraftwerk clip - very strange and interesting indeed!

All The Best,

2/24/2006 9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for both vids. in those times the beat club with uschi nerke was a must.

herr k, *totally fuzzy*

2/24/2006 9:24 PM  
Anonymous Damon Jewel said...

I saw both videos. They are fantastic, when I read about gondolero I had to see it and found it here, marvellous stuff, anyone who sees these should also check out Krautrock #1 in the archive. Amon Duul II rock! Great site

3/01/2006 12:07 PM  
Blogger Mirco said...

I'm glad you have liked this stuff, I have one more video from that Amon Duul II's performace...

3/01/2006 9:36 PM  
Blogger acoustiss said...

Thanks for the Can video.
Look forward to seeing your site each week. So many goodies.

3/02/2006 7:28 AM  
Blogger acoustiss said...

Forgot to mention, that synthesizer that Eno was playing in 'Ladytron' was the VCS3. I saw one a few days after getting the video from you. They have one at the Powerhouse museum in Sydney and they attribute some design aspects of it to Don Banks an Austrlaian composer living in London at the time. He also wrote music for many of the Hammer Horror films among other things. Anyway I will put a photo of the sythesizer on my blog, with some info.

3/02/2006 7:51 AM  
Blogger Mirco said...

Hi Jim, I,m not an expert on musical instruments, but I love the sound of old analogical synthesizers. Thanks for mentioning my blog.

Bye ;-)

3/02/2006 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Grant said...

Hey, I'm willing to sound dumb. I have always skipped the rapidshare files, because I don't want to pay, and have no idea how to do it otherwise, (it works sometimes, and then last night I gave it a go, and had three zipped files that wouldn't decompress.) Anyway, can you give me an idea as to how to use this service? I know you give a password, but do I need a login? Sorry about the confusion. Really excited to see the Kraftwerk video. Thanks.

3/04/2006 5:44 PM  
Blogger Mirco said...

You don't have to pay...Rapidshare askes you to select your download...there you click on "Free"...then wait for a countdown to finish, digit the code that Rapidshare asks you, open and unzip the first file where you find another Rapidshare link to the video...then you repeat everything, this time you'll need my password to unzip the file, after you have downloaded it. I know it might seem complicated, but try it, once you've seen how it works you'll find it much easier.

3/04/2006 7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled onto your site linked from another - some great videos you have here. I tried d/l'ing the Kraftwerk video (as I love them & also Neu!), but rapidshare says that the file size is zero.

Obviously it used to work (when the post was fresh), do you know why it doesn't work anymore?

3/13/2006 9:28 PM  
Blogger Mirco said...

Open that file whose size is zero, and you'll know how to download. Just a little trick not to have my videos deleted from Rapidshare, as it already happened...

3/14/2006 1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhhh,thank you, I'll try it out. Verrry sneaky & a good trick! Thanks again.

3/14/2006 1:48 AM  
Anonymous damon jewel said...

please upload that other amon duul video. I would very much appreciate it

3/18/2006 11:09 AM  
Blogger Mirco said...

I'll do it soon...

3/18/2006 8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can es un grupo fantástico, gracias por el video!!

4/12/2006 11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Can Paperhouse file is missing. I tried to download it & just got the read me file. No Mpeg or avi file. It's a shame because I have never seen this before. Can you repost it? Oh, & thanks for this excellent blogspot!

7/23/2006 8:27 PM  
Blogger Mirco said...

On the txt file you find the link to download the video

8/12/2006 4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Can video is missing from Rapidshare. The Kraftwerk is still there. Please repost. :-)

10/10/2006 10:17 PM  
Anonymous Turk from Aural-Virus said...

2 any1 wanting 2 d'd.

Both have been taken off rapidshit.

- as of today

8/23/2009 9:15 PM  
Blogger Mirco said...

I posted them more than 2 years and a half ago, you arrived a little too late...

8/23/2009 10:37 PM  

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