Sunday, December 10, 2006

Grateful Dead

As I found some interesting stuff, I'm back with a new post, sooner than I expected.
Robert Nelson is a Californian underground filmaker who met the Grateful Dead in their earlier days, when they were still experimenting the effects of LSD in creating and listening to music, in those famous Acid Tests. In this eight-minutes experimental film, that shows the Dead during one of those jams in 1967, Nelson provides some visual effects that help creating an experience similar to a lysergic trip. The audio track consists of parts of some songs from their first self-titled LP, performed live. A much more detailed description of the film can be read here.
To balance the strangeness of this video here's also a more "normal" clip of the Dead performing at the Beat Club in the spring of 1972. They had left the experimentations behind to play a more conventional music influenced by folk and blues, but with their very unique style, as we can hear also in this beautiful Bob Weir's composition, that appeared later that year in the triple LP set documenting their tour in the old continent. The fine psychedelic artwork of their first records appears on the background of the musicians, making this clip even more attractive.

Grateful Dead (a film by Robert Nelson, 1967)
Grateful Dead - One More Saturday Night (1972)


The image above is from the back cover of an Italian fanzine of the nineties called Magic Fuzz, on which I used to write. Jerry Garcia had just died and this beautiful picture was deadicated to him by an illustrator called Sergio Varbella. I haven't seen him in years, wherever he is I hope he doesn't mind if I showed it on the internet.




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Meno male che i Grateful non mi faranno pensare ai problemi... a proposito visto che da me vogliono anche il c... non hai anche un fiasco d'olio? Ciao

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One more saturday night - Bob Weir's masterpiece!


12/13/2006 6:12 AM  
Anonymous said...

We are so psyched that The Dead are touring in 2009. We found their entire tour dates schedule & other info at ... Hope you enjoy it.

1/16/2009 6:26 PM  

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