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Parco Lambro 1976

I've been asked several times to upload some Italian clips. Sincerely I'm not a big fan of the musical scene of my country, also it's not very easy to find some old videos.
The movie Nudi Verso La Follia, directed by Angelo Rastelli in 2004, documents a memorable event: the sixth Re Nudo Pop Festival of June 1976 - Re Nudo was an underground magazine - that was held in a park near Milan called Parco Lambro. The Re Nudo Pop Festivals were also called "feste del proletariato giovanile", proletarian youth's parties. The Italian underground movement mixed the hippy counter-culture with the political revolutionary ideals of the radical left. The sixth edition of the festival was the most popular, several thousands of people from all over the country reached the Parco Lambro, but unfortunately it was also the last one. In the late seventies the contradictions, the heavy drugs and the violent degeneration of the political and social tensions brought to the death of the movement.
A lot of good artists took part to this four day event, but I think that the more interesting sequences of the movie are the ones that show what happened among the audience. Anyway, this is a musical blog, so here are a couple of musical clips.
Eugenio Finardi is a talented rock songwriter who released some very good albums in those years, with the important contribution of some great musicians from his same label, the historical Cramps Records, like Alberto Camerini or members of Area. His style was quite tough and angry, his most famous song has the eloquent title La Musica Ribelle - the rebel music - but this is a fine catchy ballad dedicated to the radio; some interesting indipendent radio channels were born here in that period, this was composed originally as a music spot for Radio Popolare. The song sounds almost as a country-rock, it was included on his second album Sugo, maybe his best one.
The group Area, that performed at the end of the festival, did a very peculiar experiment with the audience. They unrolled two naked electrical wires from Patrizio Fariselli's synthesizer to the people. As the instrument played a random sequence of sounds they invited the people to touch the wires and touch one another, to increase the resistance and make the tonality of the sounds higher. This weird instrumental track was called Il Caos, and it was the introduction to another version of L'Internazionale, the socialist international workers' hymn. Unfortunately we don't hear Demetrio Stratos' voice. A very good article in English about this amazing band can be read on this blog.
In the nineties Re Nudo re-appeared as a sort of new-age magazine. The times they are a-changin'.

Eugenio Finardi - La Radio (1976)
Area - Il Caos/L' Internazionale (1976)





Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks so much!!! any and all the area video you might have would be much appreciated!! espcially a performance of la mela de odessa.

10/07/2006 1:01 AM  
Blogger Mirco said...

don't think there are many clips available. When I was a child I remember I even saw them on TV, or maybe more clips from this festival will re-emerge.

10/07/2006 1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eilà Mirco non so come ringraziarti...ero li tanti e tanti anni fa con i capelli lunghi,un joint in mano e non so quale ragazza a fianco,mi ricordo che fu bellissimo era la "nostra woodstock";chissà magari vedendo il film mi riconosco,so che ero nelle prime ogni caso grazie ancora.

10/07/2006 6:24 PM  
Anonymous sam said...

e' un vero peccato che non si possano scaricare i file.
almeno dicci come li trovi!!!

buon lavoro

1/29/2007 5:54 PM  

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