Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Folk Mutants # 2

I started uploading videos on December 2005 with a post called Folk Mutants (don't try to downlaod the Pentanlge's video as it's unavailable, I might consider to re-upload it as it is very good and some people asked me to do it). Six months later this blog is still alive and has reached 100.000 visits. To celebrate the event here is, finally, Folk Mutants # 2.
The Fairport Convention has been one of the firsts and most known bands to renew the British traditional music, and the Steeleye Span also became very popular among lovers of folk-rock music, since they were formed, in 1969, by the bass player Ashley "Tiger" Hutchings when he left the Fairport Convention.
By the time of this appearance at the BBC program The Old Grey Wisthle Test, the Fairport had already lost other talents like Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson, but their album "Babbacombe" Lee was still brilliant, maybe the only concept album ever released by a folk band. The song is the last chapter of the story of a man wrongfully accused of murder in the nineteenth century. You'll see what a great perfomer Dave Swarbrick is, on vocals and fiddle.
The Steeleye Span's video is a clip of their most successful song, n° 1 in the British charts and their first hit in the USA. A catchy tune that won't get out easily of your head and ears, with its rocking arrangement and Maddy Prior's delightful voice.

Fairport Convention - Wake Up John (The Hanging Song) (1972)
Steeleye Span - All Around My Hat (1975)

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Blogger The Baz said...

Yo Mirco!

I do love this Fairport performance. As you point out, Denny and Thompson had gone but one can never write them off with Swarbrick around and he proves just what a charismatic performer is here! Also love the fact the band were also sending the show up... the drummers T-Shirt along with his actions making it very clear they were miming, though Swarbrick is definitely live.

Great clip and good to see it here!

All The Best,

7/04/2006 12:43 PM  
Blogger Mirco said...

Hi Baz! I definetly agree with you, it's worth having this video even just to see Swarbrick in action!
See you soon!

7/04/2006 1:22 PM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Thanks a lot! And I would love the Pentangle clip if you could put it up again please

7/06/2006 10:28 PM  
Blogger Denis said...

Ê vidão!! Parabéns pelos 100 mil! Coisa boa é assim mesmo. Tô sempre espionando. Um grande abraço desse 'aluado' brasileiro.

7/07/2006 5:12 PM  

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