Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More Canterbury Tales

In late 1972 the bass player and singer Richard Sinclair left Caravan to form Hatfield And The North, a sort of Canterbury supergroup with Phil Miller on guitar, Pip Pyle on drums and Steve Miller on keyboards, later replaced by Dave Sinclair and then by Dave Stewart. These musicians had already been members of important bands like Matching Mole, Caravan, Gong, Egg...
Hatfield And The North relesaed a couple of fine albums in the Canterbury tradition of "progressive jazz-rock", with an inventiveness and a touch of irony that was ignored by most of the contemporary progressive band.
This footage is from a concert at the Rainbow Theatre in London, on 1975.
The band splitted because of commercial failure, in 1977 Miller, Pyle and Stewart joined Alan Gowen (ex Gilgamesh) to give birth to National Health and continue on the same path, with an even more brilliant blend of melody and surrelistic experimentation, especially on their 1978 masterpiece Of Queues And Cures. The Collapso, here performed live for the BBC program The Old Grey Whistle Test, is included on that album.
Unfortunately they didn't receive much attention too, and left the scene at the dawn of the Eightes, also because of Gowen's death in '81.

Hatfield And The North - Halfway Between Heaven And Earth (1975)
National Health - The Collapso (1979)





Blogger michelerui79 said...

Ciao,posso chiederti una cosa (visto che mi sto dannando con la guida di blogger)? Come si fa a mettere su un post un link (come "Hatfield And The North - Halfway Between Heaven And Earth" nel tuo ultimo)?

Ciao, e bello il video di Heart of gold!

6/17/2006 3:52 PM  
Blogger michelerui79 said...

No, niente, scusa, sono un fesso..ora ho capito!

6/17/2006 4:54 PM  
Anonymous maldoror_is_ded_ded_ded said...

Thanks for these clips! You could've named the Hatfield set something like "Rotter's Club" or "Fitter Stokes" but I quibble. National Health is a treasure.

6/19/2006 1:31 AM  
Anonymous bernard said...

Just in caseyou would be intersted in H & TN. They perform again.

Last sunday in NY.

Just have alook at

And there's a new CD , have alook at the site hatfieldandthenorh....

6/29/2006 9:34 PM  

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