Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Madcap's Last Laugh

To celebrate a very special event for every early Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett's fans, Music For Your Eyes is temporarily back.
Last week I passed a few days in London and I had the luck to assist to a tribute concert for Syd Barrett called Madcap's Last Laugh, organized by Pink Floyd's first producer Joe Boyd at the Barbican Theatre.
Surprisingly, among the many artists who paid a deeply felt homage to Syd by covering some of his songs, including Kevin Ayers, Robyn Hitchcock, Mike Heron, Damon Albarn...all of the four ex-Pink Floyd appeared! First Roger Waters played his own song Flickering Flame, then at the end of the show Gilmour, Wright and Mason joined to perform Arnold Layne. The audience was so excited, we all screamed for Waters to join the band too, but he had disappeared. My impression is that for personal reasons he feel "scared" or "ashamed" to play covers of Syd's songs.
Anyway, I take advantage of this event to post a very rare promo clip of Arnold Layne. It is not that famous video that I had already posted after Syd's death, on which the Floyds play with a mannequin, but another one that only recently has re-emerged on the internet. You can see it on YouTube too, but this is a hi-resolution and downloadable version, as usual.
Enjoy it!

Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne (rare promo clip 1967)

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